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Ambien Dosage Information

In most cases Ambien is not prescribed according to a strict dosage schedule. Usually adults who are suffering from insomnia are advised to take Ambien as required, while ensuring that they do not exceed a specified dose. However it is possible to buy Ambien online or locally in two different strengths, and the recommended maximum dosage of this medication may need to be specified in order to cater for different age groups and varying physical conditions.

In general it is advised that adults do not exceed a maximum daily dose of 10mg daily. where to buy ambien sleeping pills should be taken before the insomnia sufferer goes to bed. However in some cases the daily dosage of Ambien may be halved.

For example older adults may be instructed to buy Ambien in 5mg tablets. They should then take a one 5mg tablet daily, directly before bedtime. The same applies to patients who may be in ill health or whose bodies may be weakened in some way. As Ambien is a potent medication they may be unable to tolerate a stronger dose of this drug. Those who suffer from hepatic insufficiencies may also be unable to tolerate 10mg doses of Ambien and should also be prescribed one 5mg tablet daily. When you buy Ambien online in 5mg tablets you can identify them by their pink colour, along with the AMB5 symbol debossed on the outside of the capsule. The 10mg capsules are white coloured and bear the AMB10 mark.

If a patient is required to take another form of prescription medication while they are taking Ambien, the dosage limits may have to be reduced. As this medication can be habit-forming it should never be combined with another habit-forming drug unless the dosage levels of both medications have been dramatically adjusted. It is especially important that a patient does not buy Ambien online or elsewhere for use with anti-depressants as this can increase the habit forming potential of both medications and also intensify other side effects.

It is not advised that you buy ambien online when you are pregnant without first consulting your doctor. Although it is unknown if ambien will have harmful effects on an unborn child it is best to exercise caution when taking prescription medications of this type while pregnant. Always consult your doctor if you are taking prescription medications such as Ambien and are planning on becoming pregnant. It is recommended that you do not breastfeed a baby while taking this medication, as some of the drug may be transferred to the child through the breast milk.

Never order ambien online in order to share them with anyone else, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse. This medication is a controlled substance and can be habit forming. When you have finished taking this drug you may have excess tablets left over. Do not give these tablets to anyone else and take care when disposing of them. In some cases you may be able to return your unused medication to your pharmacist.

Buy Ambien Online

Otherwise you should avoid throwing your pills into a household rubbish bin and also refrain from flushing unused Ambien capsules down the toilet or throwing them into a drain.